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Toll Tag Enrollment Guide for Member Gate Quick Pass Entry

Marina Club Condo Residents will now have an option to register their vehicles for automatic gate entry through the Austin Country Club member lane. The member entry lane is intended for member and resident quick pass entry only.

The gate arm of the member lane will raise to allow automatic entry for member and resident vehicles with a registered toll tag or headlamp sticker. There is no cost to register or use your toll tag for the gate.

Marina Club HOA residents without a quick pass will enter through the guest entry lane, ideally with Marina Club HOA stickers issued by the Association for quick identification.  (CAM will be issuing 2021 gold windshield stickers.)

Please refer to the images below for assistance in locating your Toll Tag Device number for registration.

Click HERE to go to the document with a link to register your vehicle.  (You must submit an eForm for each vehicle you’re registering.)

Austin Country Club Gate Remotes

The new gate system requires different remotes than were previously issued.  To request and pay for new remotes, please fill out this Form and submit payment to CAM.  You may pay online as you normally would and email the form to

Davenport Ranch Park Access

For access into the park gate, please submit the Park Gate Access form to Goodwin & Company.